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2016 “Arctic Sovereignty: and the Relevance of History” at the Reconsidering Arctic Sovereignty Conference, Bill Graham Centre, University of Toronto, January 26 
 “Arctic Sovereignty: Changes and Challenges,” the Northern Lights Conference, Ottawa, January 28.
2014 Globe and Mail panelist for special report on the North, January 18-35
Interview for publication in “Many Norths” book, for Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15 (April 10-14). Publication pending.
“Arctic Sovereignty and International Law,” power point presentation at the Arctic Security Research Workshop, sponsored by the Department of National Defence, Canadian Forces Leadership Institute and Trent University, Fort Frontenac, ON: May 6-7. Publication pending.
Convocation Address, at Trent University, June 5, 10 am.
2013 “Arctic Governance and the Relevance of History,” Presentation at the Arctic conference at Oxford University, co-sponsored by Rothermere American Institute and St. Antony’s College, September 26-27. (publication pending)
 Lecture at University of Toronto, on “Arctic Sovereignty and the Relevance of History” (powerpoint) for Bill Graham and John English’s Arctic seminar, January 6th
 “Arctic Sovereignty and the Relevance of History,” seminar for the Frost Centre graduate students at Trent University, April 4th
Participation in hour-long radio program, “Searching for the Northwest Passage” Living History Series, Radio FM 103-106, Dublin Ireland: December 11.
2012 Presentation to members of the Laurier Project, Toronto, December 20th
Presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs regarding Arctic strategy, Ottawa, November 29th
“Arctic Sovereignty 2012” Public lecture, Mt. Allison University, Sackville NB, November 26th
“Arctic Sovereignty 2012” Lecture at Carleton University, November 7th
“Relevance of Arctic Sovereignty,” presentation for workshop Policy Imperatives for an Arctic Nuclear-weapon-free Zone, hosted by Pugwash, Canada, October 26-27.
Panelist on Arctic Sovereignty,” British North America Committee Conference, Toronto, October 12-13
“Arctic Sovereignty 2012” at the Trent Temgami Weekend retreat, September 29th
“Polar Imperative and Beyond,” Men’s Probus Club, Lindsay, ON, May 8th
Dinner speaker “Arctic Sovereignty: Past and Present” at the Arctic Circle’s Annual Dinner, April 26th
Panelist, Leadership for the Arctic Conference, US Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT, April 12-14.
“Arctic Sovereignty Revisited — 2012” Walter and Duncan Gordon Speakers Series, Munk School For Global Affairs, Toronto, March 1st
2011 “Arctic Sovereignty: Myths and Realities,” Forty Minute Forum, St Clement’s Anglican Church, Toronto, November 6th
Panelist, “Climate Change and Arctic Sovereignty”, “Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami 40th Anniversary Conference, Ottawa, November 3rd
“Arctic Sovereignty — Should Canadians be Concerned?” Probus Men’s Club, Newmarket, October 19th
“Polar Imperative and Beyond,” Georgian Triangle Lifelong Learning Institute, Collingwood, September 30.
“Arctic Sovereignty — Should Canadians be Concerned?” Peterborough Leisure and Learning Group, September 27th
“Arctic Sovereignty and the Relevance of History,” Montreal Women’s Canadian Club, Montreal, September 19th
“Polar Imperative and Beyond,” Opening Speaker, Eden Mills Writers Festival, University of Guelph, September15th
Four lectures on Arctic Sovereignty, for Canadian University Alumni during Worldwide Quest Cruise through the NW Passage, August 27 – September 12.
“Readings from Polar Imperative” on the occasion of winning the CAA Lela Common award for Canadian history, Stephen Leacock Museum, Orillia, July 29th
” Canada’s Polar Imperative,” Interview with Steve Paikin on The Agenda. TVO, July 1st
“Is Our Arctic Sovereignty Protected,” interview with Shelagh Rogers on CBC’s Between the Covers, May 30th
“Polar Imperative — an Update” dinner speech at the Manitoba Club, on the occasion of receiving the J.W. Dafoe Award.
“Polar Imperative and the Relevance of History,” Milne Garden Club, Toronto Botanical Gardens, April 19th
“Shelagh Grant in Conversation with Susan Glasser, Editor in Chief of Foreign Policy Magazine, Washington DC, April 12th
2011 “Polar Imperative and Beyond,” Lionel Gelber Lecture, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, March 29th
“Arctic Sovereignty: the Relevance of History,” keynote speaker at the Canada Justice Symposium on the North, Yellowknife, NWT, 23 February.
2010 “The story behind the book Polar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America,” The North at Trent Lecture Series, September 29th.
“ Arctic Sovereignty and the Relevance of History,” special guest lecture at the Canadian Forces College, (for Canadian and NATO senior officers) October 20th.
“Arctic Sovereignty and the Inuit – Passive Victims to Proactive Participants” at the Women in Law breakfast  meeting, Canadian Council of International Law Conference October 29th.  Talk based on Arctic Justice and chapter eleven of Polar Imperative.
“Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Arctic Sovereignty,” Speakers Series at Wilfrid Laurier University, November 29th.
Special guest at the Toronto Branch of the Society of Environmental Journalists’ Pub Night, December 9th.
2004 “Ties that Bind: Canada, Finland, and Iceland,” at the British Association of Canadian Studies Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, London England, April 5-8, 2004.
“Arctic Sovereignty: Canada and the United States,” at the Organization for the History of Canada Conference on “Canada and the United States: Do Borders Matter?” Ottawa, 13-16 May.
“Inuit Oral History and the Writing of Arctic Justice,” at the Inuit Studies Conference in Calgary, August.
2003-2004 Numerous presentations on the writing and researching of Arctic Justice.
2003 Leading workshops and a presentation at the North Baffin Teachers Conference held at Resolute Bay, in March
Interviews for the IDEAS show on CBC radio, based Arctic Justice. Show was titled “Death in the Arctic” and broadcast on 14 January 2004 (repeated throughout the year).
Research for Zacharias Kunuk for his docu-drama film on the Fifth Thule Expedition at Igloolik
2000 “The Circumpolar Region: Hinterland or Homeland,” presented at the first Northern Research Forum, University of Akureyri, Iceland, November 4-7.
“The Rock-Nose Whalers in North Baffin Waters,” presented at the Inuit Studies Conference, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, August 21-24.
1999 “Writing Inuit History in the Next Millennium: Challenges and Rewards,” presented at the CHA annual meeting, Congress for the Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Sherbrooke, 8-9 June (published)
“Bridging the Cultural Divide: Inuit History in the Next Millennium,” presented at the Circumpolar Universities Conference, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 27-29 June (published)
1998 “Sovereignty and Justice in the Eastern Canada, 1920-1925: The Janes Murder Trial” for the International Congress on the History of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions, 18-21 June at Reykjavik, Iceland (published).
1997 “Inuit Murders and Canadian Justice in the Eastern Arctic — 1918-1931” presented at the Law of the Musk-Ox, Law of the Buffalo Conference, co-sponsored by the University of Calgary History Department and the Osgoode Legal History Society, April 2-6.
1996 “Arctic Wilderness — and Other Mythologies” presented at the Conference on Refiguring Wilderness Landscape, Temagami, August 29-31 (published)
“Religious Fanaticism at Leaf Bay, Ungava — 1931” for the 10th Inuit Studies Conference held at Memorial University, St. John’s, NFLD. August 15-19. (published)
1995 “Imagination and Spirituality: Written Narratives and the Oral Tradition,” paper presented to the Arctic Narratives Symposium, University of Ottawa, April 20-22. (published)
1994 “Inuit of the Eastern Arctic: Observations of an RCMP Officer, 1922-36,” paper presented at the 9th Inuit Studies Conference at Arctic College, Iqaluit, NWT, June 1994 — based on diaries, tapes and photo collection of a former RCMP constable.
1993-1994 “Sovereignty and Security of the Canadian Arctic: A Historical Perspective,” lectures at the Canadian Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Toronto, Spring 1993 and 1994.
1993 “Errors Exposed: Inuit Relocations to the High Arctic, 1953-1960,” Report presented at the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Hearings in Ottawa, June 30 1993.
“High Arctic Visions, Past and Present.” for the WCA Wilderness Symposium, Toronto, January 1993, using archival photographs from the 1920s and 1930s.
1992 “Inuit Relocations of 1953 — An Up-date” presented at a round table discussion at the 8th Inuit Studies Conference, Laval University, Quebec City, 27 October.
“Errors Exposed”: Inuit Relocations to the High Arctic, 1953-1960,” Volumes I, II, and III. Bound submission to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, containing a written report, an annotated chronology, and a collection of pertinent documents from the National Archives of Canada. (Restricted access through INAC)
1991 “Circumpolar ‘Myths of the North’ as a Cultural Dimension of Northern Development,” for the plenary session of the second conference of the Circumpolar Universities on Northern Development, held at ‘Tyumen University, Western Siberia, USSR, June 10-13 (published).
1990 “Weather Stations, Airfields, and Research in the High Arctic, 1941-1959: an American Perspective,”presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, 27 May in Victoria, B.C.
1987 “Symbols and Myths — Canoe and North” delivered at Canexus Conference, November 1987, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. (published)
1986 “Myths of the North in the Canadian Ethos” delivered at the Australian/New Zealand/Canadian Studies Conference, Griffiths University, Brisbane, Australia, May (published)
1982 “Northern Nationalists: Visions of a ‘New North,’ 1940-1950,” presented to the CHA session at the Learneds Conference, University of Ottawa, June  (published)

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