DCASS: Volume 8 (2016)
Errors Exposed: Inuit Relocations to the High Arctic, 1953-1960

errors-exposedIn 1953, the Government of Canada announced plans to resettle Inuit from areas of dwindling food resources to the High Arctic where game and fur animals were reported in abundant supply. That August, seven families from the Inukjuak (Port Harrison) area in northern Quebec and three families from Pond Inlet were resettled in communities at Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island and at Grise Fiord, near the Craig Harbour police post on Ellesmere Island. This volume makes Shelagh Grant’s important interpretations and research on these controversial relocations available to the public and provides essential background to understand the Government of Canada’s 2010 official apology for the Inuit High Arctic relocation.

POLAR IMPERATIVE:  A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America

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Polar-Imperative by Shelagh GrantA definitive history of sovereignty in the North American Arctic.

Based on Shelagh Grant’s groundbreaking archival research and drawing on her reputation as a leading historian in the field, Polar Imperative is a thought-provoking challenge to all readers to consider what is needed to adapt existing sovereign rights to current realities while protecting the fragile Arctic environment from irreparable damage.


ARCTIC JUSTICE:  On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet 1923

Arctic-Justice by Shelagh GrantAlthough there was no Canadian law enforcement in the Eastern High Arctic when a crazed white fur trader was killed by an Inuk, authorities put Nuqallaq and two other Baffin Island Inuit on trial. The Canadian government saw Robert Janes’s death as murder; the Inuit saw it as removing a threat from the community according to their custom. Nuqallaq was sentenced to ten years hard labour in Stony Mountain Penitentiary where he contracted tuberculosis. He died shortly after being returned to Pond Inlet.

Shelagh Grant’s award-winning Arctic Justice is a masterly reconstruction of these tragic events.


SOVEREIGNTY OR SECURITY?  Government Policy in the Canadian North, 1936-1950

Sovereignty or Security? Sovereignty or Security? explores the numerous and diverse influences responsible for the dramatic change in northern policies during the 1940s and their subsequent impact on the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Apart from concern for the social, economic, and political development of the North, two major issues emerged which became central to the policy initiatives in the war and postwar years — the question of maintaining optimum sovereign control and of providing adequate defence against possible enemy attack. As a result, Ottawa abandoned its former laissez-faire approach to northern affairs and adopted an active interventionist role, accompanied by unprecedented financial support.

385 pages, 23 figures and maps, 55 photographs
ISBN: hardcover 0-7748-0306-0; paperback 0-7746-0485-8

Electronic Version ISBN: 0-9780-77480485-1
Release Date: 1/1/1988

Available in electronic form at UBC Press


Mittimatalik-Pond Inlet


Shelagh Grant supervised a translation into Inuktitut of her unpublished 400 page manuscript “Mittimatalik-Pond Inlet: A History,” donating the copyright for the Inuktitut version to the Baffin Island Teacher’s Learning Centre for use in their schools and elders’ centres. The Inuktitut book was published in the summer of 2008 by the Nunavut Teaching and Learning Centre.
380 pp, 14 maps, 115 photographs
ISBN 1-55015-090-1

Release date spring 2008

Available through the Nunavut Department of Education.


Federalism in Canada & Australia

FEDERALISM IN CANADA & AUSTRALIA: Historical Perspectives 1920-88

A collection of essays by scholars from Canada and Australia, which compares how federalism evolved in the two countries during the twentieth century.

Copyright 1989, The Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage and Development Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada
Co-editors: Bruce W. Hodgins, John J. Eddy, S.J., Shelagh D. Grant and James Struthers
ISBN: 0-9693790-0-5

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